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The Towns idiot February 18, 2010

Posted by WillardWhyte in Politics.

I’m no great big fan of Toyota’s, having owned an SR5 a long while back that was nothing to write home to mama about.
And from what I’ve read, the company certainly turned a tin – if not deaf – ear to a whole lot of people who said the car would:
A – Take off like a freshman at his first mixer.
B – Fail to indicate to the driver it planned to stop, even if it did.
C – Take random forays into oncoming traffic if not dissuaded.
Nothing to alarm the complaint desk there.
I also find it a tad amazing that the company has engineers who can gussy up a wonderful fix for these problems faster than I can russle up a provenly lousy omelet, while pushing schematics out the door that fail with equal aplomb.
But I am not a moron.
I can read these things as they arrive at Google and absorb the basics. Certainly, like most of you I can underline with my Blue-Green Crayola the key words, like: Corolla, Prius, Camry, or brakes, mats, pedals. My brain, feeble as it is, can compute in a day or so and conclude: get it fixed. Urgency is applied when this is linked a day or so later with – or you might die.
So, I’m going to go all bold and puffy here and suggest that the Right Honorable Mr. Edolphus Towns should just Eat Me.
He’s a Dumbocrat from somewhere up in New York and some gaggle of equally mal-equipped blowhards decided to make him the chairman of a committee in the U.S. House of Representatives, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to be exact.
And this overdue-for-retirement lump has summoned Toyota executives to come before his little camera-ready amateur hour to discuss the whole mess.
Now you, me and the lug who came down with last night’s rain know what he’s up to. I’m sure he’s shocked, appalled and, most of all, deeeeeeeply concerned about all of US. And by Jiminy, he’s gonna get some answers!
Shhhhhhh! That’s for us to know. Don’t say anything! We don’t want to tip off the Toyota people. Shhhh.
He sent them a letter (or so Bloomberg News says) and they’re going to come and not suspect a thing. Here’s what he said:
“There appears to be growing public confusion regarding which vehicles may be affected and how people should respond. To help clarify this situation, I am inviting you to testify.”
A note to Edolphus: Trying to sneak up like this stopped working in the third grade, even with the dopers.
It won’t work with people running one of the most successful global corporations on the planet.
And – now sit yourself down in your fine leather seat in the middle of the table for this one – we know what you’re up to.
You’re not looking out for us. You’re looking out for your sorry excuse for a hide, hoping for a fine little piece of theater to impress millions of people whose intelligence you are too dense to realize you have just insulted.
You can pass this on to your mates: It’s not so much what you folks are doing or not doing, it’s how you are doing it. With crap like this. With a crock of what my mama still calls “the well-known ingredient.”
It’s true that Wall Street just doesn’t “get it.”
Here’s hoping the folks back in your district do.



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