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Sign of the times February 23, 2010

Posted by WillardWhyte in Musings.

I wish I knew more about all the ins and outs of this guy’s “10-year” battle with a bank, because on its face it seems a screaming example of so much stuff going on today. An unreasonable bank. An equally unreasonable government tax agency. A stab in the back from a partner. A guy just sick-and-tired-and-not-going-to-take-it-anymore. That’s Terry Hoskins of Moscow, Ohio, a dude with a bulldozer and attitude.

Or maybe just one stubborn, self-centered, deadbeat bomb-thrower walking on obligations and responsibilities he knowingly took on, willing to spend a pile of cash on lawyers that probably should have gone to mortgage payments, taxes due and who knows what else.

And media so in a rush to be out there first with the superficial tale, the compelling footage and the Google hits like mine that they don’t invest the time to pull the brother’s lawsuit and the foreclosure file from the courthouse, nor hunt down the brother, the IRS and the bank to figure out what really is going on — and then relate that to us so we can make a reasoned assessment of whether this guy is champion or chump.

And already this story has gone viral — all over the WWW, the radio, the TV. Bloggers like me are cranking out comments like this and these people are ready to rumble.

Time out.

Is that what being a messenger is all about today — just cruise around until you snag what looks to be red meat of any variety, run it quickly under the broiler and then throw it out in the yard so you can suck in the most snarling dogs first thing in the morning?

I’m sure someone out there will do the digging and tell us the full story someday — probably a week or so after the guy signs his book deal live on Leno.

Here’s hoping the guy who rented him the bulldozer asked for cash.



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