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Once again I plunge … March 1, 2010

Posted by WillardWhyte in Education, Obama, Politics.

… into a realm I know a little about, making me dangerous.

I normally am conservative when it comes to actions that seem to have little more going for them on the surface other than disruption for its own sake. On first blush, the actions of school officials in Rhode Island discussed here would seem to fall into that category.

 Among all the teachers let go, I’m sure there were some good ones, I’m sure there were a bunch who really wanted those kids to learn and who really wanted to change things so that many more than 7% of 11th graders passed the annual math test. And I hope there was more to the administration’s plan than just keeping kids — and teachers — in school longer and requiring more tutoring.

But I also agree with the President when he says that 7% is attrocious goal-attainment that other school models with similar populations have far exceeded. And time waits for no student.

So maybe the good teachers, the ones committed to the success of the school and its students should reapply, as they can, and be part of a brand new approach — a case of the old needing to be dispensed with to make way for a new green shoot.

That shoot also has no guarantee of success and faces tremendous difficulties and odds stacked against it.  But maybe a very clear, very strident message needed to be broadcast. You are either part of the solution on this one, or you must be viewed as part of the problem.

That’s hard, but rebuilding this nation is going to be hard. And it’s all hands on deck with tools necessary for the task.



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