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Are you with us — or against us? May 16, 2010

Posted by WillardWhyte in Musings.

I’ve been wandering around the Ether, dabbling here and there and everywhere and since I don’t have an awful lot of time today for this with the sun shining so warm and the physical energy running strong enough to tackle — and actually complete — something, I’m going to be brief. I can hear the distinct relief among what I would be nuts to call a crowd.

But I sincerely wish every blogger, ranter, commenter and so on types would take just a moment to preface everything with one simple introductory phrase: “I the citizen, in order to form a more perfect union, think we should ….”

Not to form a more perfect world for just me. Not to leverage it to my advantage. Not to dissolve all that differentiates the units in it. Not to relieve me of any responsibility for things like the “general welfare,” or “domestic tranquility” or any of the many notions underlying the very concept of a union.

That’s not really a very restrictive request. You can go in many directions from that preface. But by stating it front and center, it imposes upon you a sort of honor-code obligation to demonstrate even in passing how what will follow advances that prime objective.

And it is relevant to utterances from all quarters.

Why will this notion advance the cause? It would alert us to ideas and perspectives from members who  act or speak  from a vantage within the Union — and to those who do so from a perch outside more interested in forging Something Else.



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