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Methinks this also June 19, 2010

Posted by WillardWhyte in Economy, Greed, Justice, Obama, Politics.
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Sometimes it’s just better to let someone else say it, when they’ve said it about as well as you would have if you were paying better attention and were less lazy. So on the subject of  the FCC asking what people think about “net neutrality” options, I’m going to bow to Tony Bradley over at PC World.

The nut is here:

The bottom line is this: The FCC has a mission to fulfill and the court decision earlier this year in Comcast v. FCC challenges whether the FCC has the legal authority to effectively carry that mission out as it relates to broadband Internet. The FCC action on Thursday simply initiated a public discussion to review the pros and cons of various alternatives, and determine the best course of action. Businesses and commerce rely on the Internet. The FCC Notice of Inquiry offers an opportunity for all to participate in an open dialog and democratic process to determine what is best for the country as a whole.

Clearly, the big broadband signal providers don’t want that, and respond to a call for discussion with bluster, scare tactics and other sabre rattling. They know they are in monopoly control for the moment and anything that alters that in the name of the general good will be opposed tooth-and-nail.

But as I have said before, they are corporations acting as they are chartered to do to preserve every last ounce of benefit they can for that narrow group that owns a share of their soul. To expect less is living in denial. And I don’t advocate in any way altering that calculus.

But the discussion is not about that. It is what is best for you, me and simply millions of other businesses these six or seven could ruin, hamper or extort if the cop on the beat — the FCC — is not equipped with sufficient powers to preserve a “free” and “fair” market.

Not “taking over” the intersection, just coming up with enough rules so that the people with the Hummers aren’t the only ones who get through it alive.



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