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My apologies to all loyalists … June 27, 2010

Posted by WillardWhyte in Musings.

… who have been visiting and finding nothing much new. I am, quite literally, Lost for Words at the moment. Hated thing, writer’s block. A lot to say, maybe, but when the letters start to come together, ugliness and crapola begin to assemble like a bad sauce all over what would have been a good piece of fish. So you’re best advised to scrape it from the plate and just drink.

Somebody else somewhere in the ever-widening world surely has something to say, funny maybe, a touch of magic perhaps or freshness. A picture too. There’s a kid in Kansas that maybe you should go visit. She’s finding a voice — and it sings if you let it, sometimes with words, sometimes with a picture worth much more.

I’ll be back.



1. Carrie - June 30, 2010

I have to say I am quite honored. 🙂 Writer’s block is our brains way of saying that we need a break I think. Enjoy summer. Inspiration will come.

WillardWhyte - July 3, 2010

Yes, the words will come as they always do. Perhaps I’m just being choosy, reaching for gentler ones — and they love to hide and be sought.
Ot maybe it was June, a fabulous warm springy June with great skies at dusk and nights for sleeping outside.
Thanks for sharing.

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