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Reds 0, Blues 0 — Flip a Golden Coin July 28, 2010

Posted by WillardWhyte in angry rants, Greed, Justice, Politics.
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Doesn’t really matter who you want to blame for this one — the boys in Blue for rushing to get a small patch in place to at least let you know who is behind the gusher of money that will pour into political advertising this fall, and keep foreign corporations like BP out of the game, or the Reds for clicking their heels together in yet another chorus of “Nyet.”

It was a rushed bill — and the exemptions for a few like the National Rifle Association torched any stand on the principle of the matter. Creating a priviledged class within this regulation would have rendered the law unjust.

But once again the GOP leadership showed how adept it is at dishing the pure manure.

“This bill is a partisan effort, pure and simple. . . . This bill is about protecting incumbent Democrats from criticism ahead of the November election,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said before the vote.

No. It was about assigning a name to the criticism so we can judge the source — know if Citibank or Goldman Sachs is paying for an ad criticizing someone — anyone — for supporting Wall Street reform, for example.

It was about helping all of us out by trying to prevent extreme sock puppetry in the name of propaganda.

The Blues took a stab at it, and flubbed it up. That’s Nancy and Harry at their feeblist.

The Reds? They figured they had good old Mo Mentum on their side and would benefit most from a fully open spigot of  cash this time around. So screw it.

Perhaps the balsiest bleat came from Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., he of the party that just finished filibustering an extension of unemployment benefits, says “nyet” to any form of additional stimulus, and also is digging its heels in against a small business loan/tax credit bill to fill a credit gap created by refusal of bailed out banks to lend:

“The 15 million unemployed across the country aren’t too concerned about political content of political ads during the middle of a political season. To push something like this, when people are hurting . . . strictly to gain a tactical advantage for political purposes is wrong.’’

That preceeding GOP message was paid for by the Children of Darkness, who will now have oodles of money to lie like that right in your face in living color, HD and even 3D from behind any old curtain they wish.

Absolutely shameful.



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