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Trickle Down isn’t working, sport August 3, 2010

Posted by WillardWhyte in Economy, Greed, Politics.
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I’ve often found myself liking Newt Gingrich — when he’s out there just talking, pushing to press his point of view on how to go about solving a problem. His energy and refusal to fall back on the easy-out can be quite captivating, even though I often disagree with his landing zone.

But that all happens when the man isn’t wearing his six-shooters, when he’s not out there banging the drum for the GOP and all Red in the face — like in this little ditty with ABC News. I don’t like the Pit Bull Gingrich, though as a political observer I know there are few more dangerous.

When the man talks of Democrats as “job killers,” the option of raising marginal tax rates on the “job-creators” as “crazy” he is both effective — and a traitor to his own heart.

He — probably more than any figure within the Big Red Tent — has the tools, the energy and the True Believer credentials to lead. To forge an agenda, amass a cadre that could take the debate away from the slime pit to a place that might arrive at Tough Love steps we need to move forward.

Some of those things would whittle down a troubling deficit. Some of them would attempt to remove the monopoly barriers to free enterprise and competitive vitality that grow more dangerous here each day. Some of them would simply point a finger at all those “job creators” and ask why they sit on mounds of corporate cash reserves, why they squeeze and intimidate a workforce that pulled their ventures through the recession rather than add back just a handful of the ghosts, why they continue to seek every opportunity to take, when they owe?

We are so much better than this. So are you Mr. Speaker.



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