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Rant, rave, rebel…but don’t lie to me lady September 3, 2010

Posted by WillardWhyte in Politics.
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If you read this story right to the end, you get to the crux of what is increasingly clear about a great many candidates out there today espousing a desire to “fix” things: They are obviously not up to the task, although they can be pretty good at anger, pretty good at ripping into good people and decent things they disagree with.

And many of them also are extremely skilled at the bald-faced lie, when it suits their purpose, particularly when it feeds on fear, and inflames.

Gov. Brewer knew damned well what she was saying when she said it, then when she repeated it — with some added ooomph.

She lied. And the very last thing we need in leaders today is a willingness to just flat out mislead us to manipulate our emotions, as raw as they are regardless of party loyalty.

And the enablers are just as bad, Arizona state Sen. Russell Pearce, who responded to clear evidence of Gov. Brewer’s lie with this:

“It is a national security concern, yet we’re worried about this game-playing, this word-smithing.”

We’ve got lots of problems — and lots of smart, dedicated and committed people with varying ideas about how to tackle knarly concerns that include southern border integrity and security.

But first and foremost we need to: Just Say ‘No’ to Liars.



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