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One nation, under God, indivisible … November 13, 2010

Posted by WillardWhyte in Justice, Musings.

I urge anyone and everyone visiting here to read this fine piece by David Brooks.

For we are in the midst of a revolution of sorts. Peaceful thus far, but as Mr. Brooks and many other point out, a seething thing bound for crisis without a steady head or vision.

What seems like a long, long time ago I threw out an idea.¬†¬†Silly, perhaps. But something akin to this needs to occur. To erase the broad brush of Red and Blue on those maps, to wipe the word “mandate” from the lips of them all — unless that words is read simply as a directive to “fix what needs fixing” — without a murmur in the direction of Blame.

For Blame is what is killing us. A nation divided cannot stand.

We must repair, replace and rebuild. And no individual, group or enterprise can get that done alone.

And no individual, group or enterprise is devoid of wisdom, blessing or energy needed to build new and lasting greatness.

Our union remains a long way from perfect at the moment. We all must change that to ensure that this great nation shall not perish from the earth.




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