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Our Senate has some oddball logic December 18, 2010

Posted by WillardWhyte in Justice, Politics.
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I’m pleased to see that the Senate finally voted to get rid of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy governing military service. It’s a step toward facing up to one of the realities in our make-up as a nation — the one where we all are differently blessed, differently obligated.

Even those who might profess that homosexuality is a sin had no leg to stand on with this wink toward injustice. For if we barred sinners from military service, or fair treatment after military service, I’m guessing the Pentagon and Veterans Affairs budgets dip to near zero.

But I’m left shaking my head by votes from Republican Sens. John Ensign of Nevada and Richard Burr of North Carolina. These two stalwarts joined the supermajority in removing the policy. But not before they voted in lockstep with most Republicans to block a vote on the matter with what passes for a filibuster today.

What’s that all about? I don’t really want to vote, but if we’re going to I’m for it? On an issue such as this, that rises or falls on a principle, you go for that kind of stuff — it’s more important to stand with my “team” and try to block consideration of such an important matter, even though I’m in favor of the matter and want my vote counted publicly as an “Ay?”

That’s the wrong message gentlemen: The people want matters to get full consideration, discussion, debate and then a vote.

We tire of these kind of games — and fancy footwork who you can pull a John Kerry someday and be for it and against it.

Grab your stones and stand for something.



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