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Obama’s call to arms January 25, 2011

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There will be those who say “how?” With a deficit in the trillions, and an accumulated pile far beyond even counting, when you come right down to it. With 9.5 % of us still out of a job.

But the President clearly “gets it.” He has some ideas, but realizes he and those on his side of our great political divide do not have all the ideas needed to build a new and greater nation — and world. He has some goals, in a line that comports to the world as he sees it. But knows this ranking is not the only set of priorities.

He calls it a “Sputnik moment” and it is that — a crossroads where we all choose whether to fight amongst ourselves for power and glory and bitty sized more of what there is, all on the way down to a scarcity world we should not care to visit; or together find a way to bear the burdens needed to restore sanity to a budget, while grooming a new generation of American leaders and innovators and building a new economic juggernaut — using people, enterprises and ideas from whatever color lips, in whatever dialect.

There are “big things” to be done. No one alone, no party in or out, can manage the task.

It is time to replace bitterness with diligence. And start laying the first course.


Thank you Keith January 21, 2011

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for raising your voice, though there were times it topped the wall to my ears.

But right or wrong, you spoke for truth … and against the pretty narrative, the brazen grab, the bald-faced bulbous lie.

And too many just take the money and cower.

And above all else, I always got the sense that you felt that you could be wrong. As we all are on occasion.

So rest up for a bit and see and hear and taste and feel the world. Then tell us all again sometime how it all boils down to your mind.

We’ll be waiting.