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Well, wasn’t that special? November 21, 2011

Posted by WillardWhyte in Musings.

We all might wonder exactly what all went on behind those closed doors down in the swamp while the Reds and the Blues wasted everybody’s time before coming out today to cry “uncle” and head home for the drumsticks and the pie.

Could have been Jacks or Better. Maybe Charades. Maybe they all just put their feet up once the cameras left and watched Beavis and Butthead reruns. Not something I’m real curious about, come to think of it.

You really didn’t expect anything else would come of it. You kind of had a sense when they set the whole thing up that it wasn’t going to work. But if you’re like me, you’re kind of glad that they did it all because the whole crowd down there ended up as just mildly annoying background noise for a few months, leaving us with a remnant of summer and a decent fall without worrying about stuff falling out of the sky and crushing … well something.

Maybe your 401(k).

Maybe another slice of your equity.

Maybe your hopes that the factory down the road would see brighter days ahead and make more refrigerators and need an extra hand.

Maybe your notion that the last dance to the brink, and the “collateral damage” to millions of people, businesses and hopes, was enough to convince these people that the goal was a solution, not a stalemate until a winner-take-all cage match a year from now.

No, that wasn’t just a goal.

That was their job.

So how come this all ends up with the Hatfields and the McCoys shlumping to the microphones to bleat the Alma Maters and do so with such … satisfaction?

They failed. And since when is that OK?

Make them go back in. In the same suits, the same dresses, the same damned underwear. Make Harry and Nancy and John and Mitch go in too. Make them sleep there. Wheel in a PortaPotty.  Send In Chinese. Pipe in some BeeGees.

Tell them the heat goes down 1 degree each day.

And while they are in there, stop all the checks. To senators, to representatives, to staff.

Just don’t let them come back out. Not without an agreement.

We’re the boss.

Tell them to get back in that room and do their job — to be a Congress, not a collection of banner-waving fools doing their level best, it seems, to crush any chance we all have of rebuilding this nation.

It’s their job.



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