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I don’t wanna go here … June 9, 2010

Posted by WillardWhyte in Celebrities, Entertainment, Justice.
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… but it is time to discuss this.

Lindsay Lohan needs to go to jail when the next hearing occurs on July 6. She needs to lose her freedom for three DUIs. This needs to happen before she kills someone.

She needs to lose her freedom because she has demonstrated quite clearly that she is in contempt of the rest of us, our rules for sharing this Earth and, if truth be told, everyone and anyone who has done anything at all to help her conquor her demons.

She needs to sit by herself in a very small concrete block space with metal bars and consider her blessings —  and how she will value freedom once it is restored.

No enablers. No sympathizers. No hangers-on. She needs to hit bottom — and hard.

I can see absolutely no counter argument that would provide justice to you, me and millions who might seek to emulate her — or one day collide with her.